Black Madonna: Grafton Gallery

Black Madonna: Grafton Gallery


A new series of paintings, mixed media artworks, prints and sculpture based on the artist’s personal, cultural and spiritual memories. The Madonna and Child (or mother and child) is a subject which has been represented across time and place in the history of art and continues to fascinate artists. Karla has adapted this icon to her own personal life as a mother and Aboriginal woman of mixed Wiradjuri and Irish descent, and situated it within Aboriginal culture and history.

The Black Madonna sits tight in the collective heart and mind, fully glorified and beloved for over thousands of years around the globe.

It is the night which is older than the day and from the darkness of the unconscious comes the light of illumination, a vital aspect of the feminine world.

The universal connection of this Icon for me as an Aboriginal woman and mother is very powerful, real and always encouraging. The Black Virgin connects me to my mother, grandmothers, Mother Earth and its children.

The child is the expression of the spiritual nature of the feminine, it is the light which impregnates her and gives birth to the divine spirit.

Woman all around the world find identification and strength in the beauty and darkness of her skin. ‘Black, Blacker than Black’

She does not only shine of sacred light but she stands tall knowing suffering and endurance.

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