Fairytales in Fairyland

Fairytales in Fairyland


The Artist book “No Fairytales in Fairyland” is one in a series of unique books made in 2010 and 2011. Each page and cover, is an original mixed media collage artwork using vintage Australian books, acrylic and hand sewn.

Fairytales in Fairyland explores the sense of space in Australia given through a democracy that allows all beliefs to coexist. Space in Australia is abundant both physically and conceptually. Australian artists have responded to this abundance or its outcomes with works that move beyond the real or refer to or explore the belief in fantasy.

“Skipping through the dictionary there are two brief definitions for the word Fairytale, the first a story about magical events and the second an exaggerated or unlikely story, with this in mind I also held my first thoughts which were focused on children, adventure and play. Australia simply is the Fairyland. The process had began.

It so happened I’d was in the process of creating a number of one off artist books toying with Australian History as it relates and denies the presence of Indigenous Australians. With a small step along this road I created a book using images of children taken from a colonial past together with documented images of Indigenous Australians and historical events. Drawing on the definition of exaggerated or unlikely stories I painted the very clean cut Anglo figures a darker shade of white, giving the now clean cut Indigenous Australians a place in the white sense of Fairyland. Along side the safe Fairytales often told to me as a child about the Indigenous history in Australia through the medium of books I couldn’t help but play with the combination of some realistic images, as my the aim was to emphasis the “otherness” for Indigenous Australians in this Fairyland of Fairytales”.

Event Details

  • Location: Grafton Regional Gallery
  • Starts: 6 th July
  • Finishes: 28th August