Cementa 15

Cementa 15


The Whole Black Hole
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The Whole Black Hole

Walking up to the Kandos Museum I was struck by two very sexy industrial trolleys and the pulleys they hung on. My minds sexy thoughts instantly got dirt as I realised they were once used to haul coal, as I stood, I stared into the landscape.
Eyes fixed on a large Black hole, the gaping entrance to an old coal mine. A mine used and left.
The mother used and abused by countless dirt faced men, as a pimp somewhere lined their pockets with cold hard cash.
Like the mines a “Gold Bars” poker machine now sits attached to the pulleys, the lurer of cash is here to tempt you. This one armed bandit promises money, some short term relief, relief from the truth.
I’m a Wiradjuri woman, an environmentalist, mother and artist. I feel for this black hole, along with all the other black holes that have been worked over throughout this country. Do these holes bleed as the old people weep?
What come from this mine was Black, it never saw Black pockets,
only Black tears.

Event Details

  • Location: Kandos NSW
  • Starts: April 9th
  • Finishes: April 12th
  • Website: Kandos NSW