The Home Project

The Home Project has been exploring homelessness and it’s particular nature in the Northern Rivers. Northern Rivers Performing Arts (NORPA) has partnered with Southern Cross University and The Winsome Hotel/Lismore Soup Kitchen Inc to a run a series of creative workshops. On the 29th of Nov 2013 these workshops culminated in a gathering and creative development workshop.

you winsome you loss some
Karla Dickens Artist Statement
I am a Wiradjuri woman, artist, mother, upheld with the power of an my eagle totem and
bower bird by nature.
Presented with a the project titled ‘Home’ I was became flooded with visual images.
I have always wrestled with the idea of a home on many levels. What is a Home ? a roof,
a river, a sky, country, belonging, memories, an abandon nest. Hope.
Earlier this year my home, became a roof and four walls that were closing in, I started to
collect bird cages, I embedded them in the frame of an old caravan. The cage doors were
left open as freedom became attractive. In a struggle with social conformity I realised no
matter what a birds flight entailed, a nest was needed. A safe resting place.
The Winesome is a safe resting place, a watering hole, a feeding bowl, a large communal nest.
Avoid of white picket fences and conformity, this reclaimed pub shelters a tight nit community,
woven together by support, basic essentials and a sense of belonging. The images I have
chosen to work on with the community are birds (sparkling bunting) flagging the building and
nests built from found materials representing the human nesting instinct. Embracing the connection
of structural objects are a number of projections, one of washing on a line, one flowing with various
bird images, another holding images of abandon houses with long held memories along with one
sporting faces at times set behinds masks ofa number of people I have had the privilege to spend
time with on this journey.
As bed springs swing, enjoy the warmth of our fire.