Home Is Where the Rabbits Live 2010 – 2011

Home Is Where the Rabbits Live 2010 – 2011

Born and breed in South Sydney now living in the northern rivers, the iconic South Sydney Rabbit has a strong visual impact as I travel the roads of N.S.W.

The essence of this body of work, of belonging, of ownership, a bringing together of two cultures,  two worlds with a passion and connection to a football team.

The football game was always a part of my life ( Redfren oval our place of worship) , my first beloved toy was a velvet red and green rabbit (I still have it).

Even though I have only watched a small number of games with serious interest, I am reminder always where I have come from, this can happen spotting a little white rabbit on the back windscreen of a car in down town Casino, red and green socks on a school boy waiting at a bus stop in Liverpool, or hearing the game score revisited on the nightly news.

I grew up in south Sydney, I am a Rabbitoh supporter,  it’s okay to be aboriginal, black fella’s are capable of greatness and they are an accepted and embraced link of the team…we belong.