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Ancestral Twine
Karla Dickens

1 horse
2 gins
3 cows
& Eaten
My Black History
In the day of Mary Anderson
Loving her memory
I can not polish her story
I will hold her scars
In the light
Bathe them in my tears
Honour her pain in art
With my own knowing
Voices of true warriors
Stories bleed together
Beaten and abused
Culture torn away
Left with threads soaking
In fragmented welfare blood
Knowledge denied
Not shared, given or told
An offensive
A ward
Careless Protection
Unjust memories
Left & Kept
No Country to sit on
To feel
Reserved for experts
Anthropologists included
I wander
A heart wide open
I search for place
Holding solid moments
where my spirit finds knowing
knowing those songs
listening deeply
I sing with Mary
In-between worlds
Cultures and time
Cross cultural holes
I fall down
I trip
Weaving my path
Longing for a wholeness,
The wholeness is acceptance
Accepting damage, loss
Mary was removed
Ripped away
worked hard
all day and most night
Under the skies of The Crown
Lawful Acts
Rusty hooks