The Mother Creates

The Mother Creates


Dickens has worked with a pared down palette to reflect the stark, burnished colours of Jowalbinna’s rock art and sandstone counrty (and the practicalities of painting out bush). The spiritual and archetypal focus also reaches a new pitch within a stronger, lyrical sense of narrative and landscape. These works obviously draw on the power of rock-art, its implicit form, setting, scaredness, abundance and traditional interpretation. But this is done without resorting to any approprication or grand cultural posterings. In more convincing homage, Dickens brings Laura rock art counrty to life in a thoroughly unpretentious and poetic way. insert-Maurice O’RiordanĀ  Where Eagles Hovers Artlink vol 18

Artwork Details

  • Collection:
  • Medium:
  • When was this created: 1997
  • Location: Private Collection
  • Width: 75cm mm
  • Height: 55cm mm

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