Star Sisters

Star Sisters


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7 sisters
Stars are tools
The sky a calendar
Darkness unveils the lightness
Union of human and divine
Pleiades to some

7 sisters
Over western deserts
Flames licking elders faces
Dogs woven into laps
Nestled in the dust
The Dreaming

7 sisters
Over Java roads
Smoke dancing on dancers faces
Lights, makeup and dreams
Stars at work in heels
Wings in flight

Deserts to cities
West to East
Women hold golden threads
Sky to earth
Anchoring Mystical heartbeats
Bearing torches in the night

7 sisters
Chased by men
Is it love?
They run, they flee, they are caught
Songlines travel from ancient times
Close above the horizon

7 sisters
Mothers and daughters
Aunties and Lady girls light fires
Glimpses of man as hunters
The Southern Cross hijacked
Unwelcome attention
Scarfs stolen

Bigger stories are always underfoot
Always over head
Listen and widen your eyes
Not forgetting the morning and evening stars
Focus on the dark patches
Opaque clouds of dust and gas


Karla Dickens 2015

Artwork Details

  • Collection:
  • Medium:
  • When was this created: 2015
  • Location: to be show in august
  • Limited Edition: limmited edition
  • Width: 230 cm mm
  • Height: 90cm mm

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