Sorrow Songs

Sorrow Songs


Songs of Sorrow

Before angels fall
Feathers are slowly plucked
Names are called
Eyes are blackened
Hair pulled
Be brave

A fallen angel
Lives with the wicked
Her sins not her own
Sleeping in hell
Cooking for Satan
Be careful

Committed to chains
In silent darkness
Too weak to run
Cast deep down
Flightless wounds weep
Be scared

Sons of Gods rule
Men morf into giants
Women into blind mice
Unnatural pain
Protect the children
Be smart

Angelic descent
Not from great heights
But bottomless pits
Thrown against walls
Hostage taken
Be quite

Damed if she does
Damed if she doesn’t
No prayers find heaven
No love to kiss
Fat lips bleed
Be good

Smiling masquerades
Happy families lie
Lying in the dirt
Deceiving lucifer
Crushing cherub
Be absence

Divine mercy lost
Free will broken
Unforgivable torture
Cannot disobey
Angel ceases to exist
Be gone

Karla Dickens 2016


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