Sleeping Beauty III

Sleeping Beauty III


Sleeping Beauty

A still night
Summer smells
Wet grass
Playful Freedom

Hunters Lurk
Behind cruel smiles
Deluded entitlement
Hateful desire
Wanting now

Sweet dress
Fresh pink nails
Clean, sqeezey hair
A hint of rose oil
Dancing heart

Cruel takers take
Against protest
Hard screams
Wilful violence
No permission

The breeze stirs
Moonlight sparkles
Birds stop
Petals close
Gentle rains land

Death grip
Penetrating her soul
Trails of blood
Imposing nightmares

Looking back
Movement no more
Deep Silence falls

Sleep long
I leave you flowers
Love letters
Gardens of tears
Butterfly kisses
Tender hugs
and yesterday’s dreams

Beautiful then
Beautiful still

Karla Dickens 2016