Our Mother Our Land

Our Mother Our Land


Our Mother Our Land was painted with all the concerns we are living with today. As we walk the earth at this time of global warming the destruction goes on. The great mother stands tall and proud on the canvas, over her heart sits the moon, up with moon  are the planets. A rain cloud with small purple rain drops appears, overlaid by three much larger tears, that of our mother. Travelling along a dark road at the bottom of the painting are two figures. A woman stands under the out reached hand of her mother, admist the flowers there is hope. The other figure is a man, thsi man has a shadow representing the Ancestors who walk with him. A tall strong tree spirit also walks along this road.

this painting was used in 2008 by Oxfam on cards and calenders

Artwork Details

  • Collection: ,
  • Medium:
  • When was this created: 2007
  • Location: artist collection
  • Width: 100cm mm
  • Height: 120cm mm