Mother XX

Mother XX


Work in collaboration with ISHTA WILSON 2010

‘Mother of All’ are collaborative pieces created by Karla Dickens and Ishta Wilson.

Both Karla and Ishta live and work in the Northern Rivers of NSW and are currently working on the image of powerful women in iconography.

One Black and One White.

As Wlison builds her iconic form of the Virgin Mary, the figure is transformed into a cross-cultural world as Dickens colours the skin and draws the child. Morphed into a new breed of ‘otherness’, the Mother shines with its glossy jewels, both synthetic and natural.

The unification of the Black Madonna with the Virgin Mary not only challenges the religious repetition and symbolism of each icon, it creates a deeper and richer figure, threading the many varied stories and weighted meaning into a beloved race-less soul open and ready to embrace all. It is a female creative spiritual force; a universal mother figure.

The artists hang the once stationary icons on the wall. Now groundless the figures float, dripping with sparklingly jewels, emitting light of the new age mother.

Even though transformed, the Black shadows of the past, are never forgotten, only softened by gentle shades of grey.

The artists deliberately explore and push boundaries of the sacred and celebrate the greyness. With faith, a collective understanding now wavers, and the flawed nurtures a sense of perfection giving birth to a multi-layered wholeness.

One Black

One White

One Mother