Lawless Freedom

Lawless Freedom


Lawless Freedom

Australia’s toxic shadow
those targeted can see it
some with emotional hearts feel it
natives wear it
the rest of the world can smell it

British boats unloaded it
the empire fed it
the settlers nurture it
new immigrates built on it
the young and free breed it

The same joke isn’t funny
retold for centuries
it grows old, stale and uglier
out of date yet still for sale
ate and regurgitated

Celebrated denialism
toasted by loyal boars
some sip moet and snort cocaine
some suck on beer with ice and weed
under a flag that loves country

Its as Aussie as a meat pie
left wing do gooders want to kill it
overreactive sooks need to deal with it
savages want to eradicate it
what is it ?

Its a gold medal classic
a invisible disease on steroids
a crippling disability
it knocks you to the ground like a king hit
its white free speech

I have shields of armour to use, or not
In your boring shameless games
I have the deep knowing of your fear
I have listened deeply to your self hate
I have my own tongue

Karla Dickens 2016