I Better get something Harder

I Better get something Harder


14 pieces

Captain Cook Whiskey Bottles painted and adored with all sorts

L O O K  A T  Y O U R S E L F

Australian Culture
you royal boozer
you lush merchant
having a few at the local
you elbow bending piss-pot

Aussie pride
true sportsmen for liquor
look at the juicer
he wouldn’t shout if a shark bit him
look at Mr. Boozington
having a few at the local
look at the aristocrats of the bottle

Local pastime
skull it you mug
another night out with the boys
hanging at water-hole
knockin’ back a couple
after a hard day’s work
nothin’ like a coldie
dodgin’ booze buses

One of the boys
a good Aussie bloke
poor bastard having a bad run
silly old barfly
boys will be boys
don’t forget the Esky
flat-out like a lizard drinking
going off at the RSL
full as a goog
with a gut full
grab a long neck for me darl
pour me another middy
no worries, make it a schooner
hitting the piss this arvo mate
heading out to get rotten
so baked he lost his stubby holder
hitting the turps
drinking with the flies
just a larrikin who likes a tinny

Yobbos and bogans talk
our nation’s thoughts
it doesn’t come close
in spirit or public legacy
making headlines
creating a stereotype
such as “drinking Aboriginal”
we have our own special labels
with added adjectives

Australian culture

Karla Dickens 2015