Bush Cook

Bush Cook


The painting Bush Cook alludes to Dickens’ job as campsite cook for Jowalbinna’s tourists to finance her stay. There is a beautiful circularity in her monochrome meandering of water and sky, in the full moon peeking over an undulating rock face in the paintings bottom right hand corner. The campsite is delineated with equal economy, framed by the rich-red bluff after which Jowalbinna takes its name; a pair of curious wild pigs under one tree, a-drawrfed cluster of houses by the other. Surrounding rock art shelters are gestured by three separate pockets of imagery, including Frog Mountain and the malevolent Imjim Quinkan spirit. Dickens situates herself prominently in the landscape – an almost comical, naked-red figure with four, flailing arms struggling with a range of utensils in her daily chores. insert Maurice O’Riordan Where Eagles Hover Artlink vol 18

Artwork Details

  • Collection:
  • Medium:
  • When was this created: 1997
  • Location: Private Collection
  • Width: 75cm mm
  • Height: 50cm mm

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