Bound VI

Bound VI


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You Asked for it
In front of God
For Better or worst
In sickness and in health
Till death do you part
Hand cuffs lock vows

Not in front of the kids
Reassure the unborn baby
Pegging tiny singlets on the line
Hands tried behind her back
Dying desperate housewives
Crippled by fear

Home sweet Home
Black and Blue poorhouses
With a high security guard
A decorated cell
Common place anchors
Dreams of great escapes
Hung high by a worn heart string

Your lucky you’re got me
Ugly whinging bitch
Wrapped in tight cruelness
A social dress malfunction
Out of date and damaged
Drowning in shame
Be grateful

You need me
Mummy’s little helper visits daily
Waiting on a chemical disaster
Too lost to care
Too numb to fight back
Knots of effective confusion
Disgraceful embarrassment
Impossible departure

In ropes with closed wallets
Depending on a pittance
Worthless moneymakers
Cutting off circulation
Restraining the sunshine
Imposing quite punishment

Bondage isn’t sexy
If an everyday tool
Cover up the swelling
Buckled up for pain
Blood strained devotion
Promises of change
Sorry’s no more


Karla Dickens  2016